President’s Message

Our March meeting had a great turn-out, we had 26 individuals in attendance – “Thank You”. With the current snow storm on April 2nd & 3rd most of your cars are still under their covers. My hope is to have some good weather for our “Ride & Dines” in April. The Zimmer’s will take on the first Ride & Dine on April 21st, this ride will run about one hour and twenty minutes. From a financial standpoint our RCC club is in good shape.

The ladies luncheons are going great, April 13th’s luncheon will be in Holmen at Jacqlon’s Café road with the great weather we are having. If anyone has ideas on our “Tech Talk” at Brenengen’s, please send them to me. I will call Don Brenengen to make sure we have a room to discuss what you want to discuss.

I will be holding a meeting of a small group in mid-June to organize the items that we need to discuss for the RCC car show. We hope many of you will be there for support as we normally have 125 cars to take care of in Don’s parking lot.      The show is set for Saturday July 14th.
     Britton Slowey is the new director of the “The West Salem Boy’s & Girl’s club”.
     Big Boar will be handle the lunch.

My goal continues to build up recruitment over the next two years to increase our membership and have more Corvette’s on the road.

Chuck Zimmer
RCC President

April 2018 Newsletter - March Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Randy & Lauri Berg, Charlie & Carol Britten, Ron Callender, Bill Conrad, Jon Cox, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, Tom Jerisha, Jerry Jiracek, Kris Kinder, Claude & Judy Mosley, Jim Rowley, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Tom & Mary Stibbe, Thomas Stowers, Mark & Mary Swingle, Chuck & Sharon Zimmer and Peter & Emily Klug.

Meeting called to order at 6:49 PM by President Chuck Zimmer.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the February 25, 2018 meeting were presented with no corrections noted.

Treasurer’s Report: Kris K. reviewed the current budget balances.

Governor’s Report: Charlie B reported on the RCC Rally. Charlie also discussed the value of NCCC membership:
  a) Sanctioned Events
  b) Convention
  c) Auto Cross events
  d) Rallies – like our RCC Rally on June 9th
  e) Car Shows
  f) Blue Bar magazine
  g) Insurance covers for event coverage – Could not have club car show without NCCC insurance coverage.
  h) Charity side of NCCC includes car raffle.

Webmaster’s Report: No report but the web site event format about 2 weeks ago.

Event Chairperson:
1) April 13th – Ladies Luncheon at Jacqlon’s Café in Holmen at 12:30 PM.
2) April 21st – Ride & Dine Hosted by Chuck & Sharon Z.
3) May 16th – Brenengen Tech Talk in Onalaska at 5:30 PM.
4) June 9th - RCC Rally.
5) June 16th – Car Show organization meeting at Chuck Z home.
6) July 14th – RCC Car Show at Brenengen’s in West Salem.

Old Business:
1) God’s Country Car Show event had 7 members participate with dinner at 3 Rivers Lodge afterwards.
2) Ladies Luncheon at Digger’s Sting had 10 RCC members participate.
3) Ride & Dine sign-up sheet was circulated by Dave & Kathy only April had been taken so far.
4) RCC Car Show.
  a. Flyers being finalized. Mark S will send out a digital version.
  b. Britton Slowey is the director of the West Salem Boys & Girls Club.
5) RCC Business Cards – Chuck Z. has more cards if anyone needs some.
6) RCC Blow Horn has been repaired fro $42.

New Business:
1) Go Pro – Tom J. presented information about the club purchasing a Go Pro for Ride & Dine recording. Several different models were reviewed. Purchasing a GoPro will be discussed at next month’s meeting.
2) Wisconsin Car Club Alliance membership was presented by Dave F. The alliance is a watch dog group monitoring and lobbing state legislation to protect collector / custom / hot rod car hobby. There have been several recent bills presented which if adopted unaltered would have been negative towards the hobby. Club membership is $20; Individual is $15.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:47 PM.

Next Meeting April 22nd at Schmidty’s.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Callender,
RCC Secretary

April Birthdays
Carol Britten 4/1
Mike Peterson 4/4
Mark Swingle 4/30

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