President’s Message

Hello RCC Members,

Spring cannot arrive quickly enough and melt away the mountains of snow we all have in our streets and yards. If someone would have told us we would have this much snow on the ground, ice dams on our eves and buried mailboxes we would have told them it is not possible with “Global Warming!” But as we have experienced the world is getting warmer and the weather more unpredictable and violent. All we know for sure is the snow will melt eventually and we will be driving our Corvettes soon.

If you were thinking of purchasing a new Corvette I read recently the dealership are all loaded with unsold 2019s for two reasons. First the dealerships are not slowing their purchases of current corvettes because they want to qualify for one of the new mid-engine models when they are ready. Second the 2020 models will have a significant price increase which could drive sells down. So if you want a new 2019 there are plenty to choose from. Good Luck!

Please remember the next RCC is March 31st at Schmidty’s not the normal March 24rd.

See you on the 31st,

Ron Callender
RCC President

March 2019 Newsletter - March Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Chris & Joyce Barlow, Ron & Ramona Callender, Bill Conrad, Jon Cox, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, Tom Jerisha, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Tom Stowers, Mark & Mary Swingle.

Meeting called to order at 6:39 pm by Ron Callender.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from January 27th, 2019 were presented. Date change for God’s Country corrected.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance sheet was presented to the club.

Governor’s Report: No report.

Webmaster’s Report: No report.

Event Chairperson:
1) God’s Country is scheduled on Friday, March 8th. Meeting in the lobby of the La Crosse Center at 5:00. Supper at 3 Rivers Lounge at 6:30.
2) Ladies Luncheon is scheduled for Friday, March 15th at Maggies in Onalaska. Time is 12:30. Email will be sent out to request attendance.
3) RCC Rally scheduled for Saturday, June 8th.
4) Rudy’s Car Show is scheduled for Tuesday, July 9th.
5) Will hear from Chuck & Sharon regarding Beater Rally.
6) Ride n’ Dines start in April thru Oct.. None in July.

Old Business:
1) Good turnout for bowling event at Play-Mor Alley. We had 12 for bowling and 17 for dinner at Red Lobster.
2) Ladies Luncheon had 7 in attendance at Diggers.
3) Further discussion on Ride n’ Dines.
    A) Ron Callender will put together a straw man proposal which will be sent out to executive committee about economic compensation for planning and leading a Ride n’ Dine. This will be solidified by the committee and then presented to the group. Reevaluation in a year.
    B) It was also recommended that planners put out a bulletin to all members about the direction of and time needed for the Ride n’ Dine.
    C) A participants donation for Ride n’ Dines was also discussed.
    D) Tom Jerisha would like to know where we are going because he is filming the event. He is also willing to share routes and places to go.
4) Ron Callender and Chuck Zimmer will meet with Don Brenengen about the July car show.

New Business:
1) Tom Jerisha brought forth the idea of a Welcome Packet for new members. This packet would include information that new members would need to know. This idea received a very positive response. Tom suggested a committee of 2 to 4 people to do this.
2) This packet could include: A welcome letter from the president; List of officers; A list of members; A calendar and a list of events; Our agreement with Brenengen; Attire available; The password to the website.
3) Mark Swingle announced that we have 2 new sponsors for the car show. Posters are ready to go and he will run off an initial number of 300 at Insty Prints.
4) March meeting will be held on March 31st. April’s meeting will be held at the Conrad’s in Winona on the 28th.

Adjournment:Motion to adjourn was made at 7:13 by Dave Fontanini.

Next meeting is at Schmidty’s.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Swingle,
RCC Secretary

March Birthdays
Deb Stowers 3/1
Cyndy Schaper 3/11
Chuck Zimmer 3/11
Judy Rowley 3/17
Tom Stibbe 3/22
Marv Braund 3/26

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John Gesslein

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