President’s Message

Hello Fellow RCC Members,

It is hard to believe summer has arrived and it is July 1st. July is a very exciting month for our club. On Wednesday July 9th we will be hosting the drive-in car show at Rudy’s in downtown La Crosse. Bring your corvette and show it off.

On Saturday July 13th we will host our annual car show at Brenengen’s in West Salem. If you have not volunteered yet and want to call Mark S. Whether you’re volunteering or not bring your corvette to show your support.

Dennis S. has been working with Barry Bloomquist to schedule a day when he will brings his latest custom car, a 1963 Impala SS, for the club to see. We will use this as our annual Tech Talk event with Brenengen. It will be most likely the end of July. I will send out a special communication when the date and time is set. Barry’s last custom car, a 1964 Corvette, was a hit at SEMA 2015 and won the Builder’s Choice award.

Look forward to see all of you at Rudy’s and the car show.

Ron Callender
RCC President

July 2019 Newsletter - June Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Chuck Britten & Carol Nelson-Britten, Ron & Ramona Callender, Bill Conrad, Jon Cox, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, Tom Jerisha, Kris Kinder, Mike & Deb Meyer, Claude & Judy Mosley, Jim & Judy Rowley, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Mark & Mary Swingle, Chuck & Sharon Zimmer.

Meeting called to order at 6:48 by Ron Callender.

Secretary’s Report: A few slight revisions were noted. Revised copy B will be sent to the webmaster where they will be recorded.

Treasurer’s Report: : : Kris Kinder gave budget report. Paper and filing fee were paid.

Governor’s Report: Rally was a success. Six cars from outside our club participated. Three RCC club cars participated. Money earned was given to Secretary Kris Kinder. Check for trophies will be paid to 5th Avenue Awards. Thanks to all who worked for and participated in the rally.

Webmaster’s Report: No report.

Event Chairperson:
1) Six RCC vehicles participated in the June Dairy Days Parade.
2) July 9th is our sponsorship night for Rudy’s Cruise Night.
3) No Ride n’ Dine in July because of RCC’s car show at Brenengen’s.
4) Next Ladies’ Luncheon is at 11:30, Thursday, July 11th at Red Pines Bar & Grill located on Country Rd Z , Brice Prairie , Onalaska.
5) Mad City Vettes have a rally on June 29th. Check their website for information and registration.
6) Medinas Farm is having its car show on July 5th.
7) July’s club meeting is at Schmidty’s.

Old Business:
1) New member’s packet is coming along and is almost complete.
2) Six ladies attended June’s Ladies Luncheon at The Waterfront.
3) Tech Talk will pick a different day than what was originally intended. The set date will be announced on email. Planners are aiming for the last week in July. A ’63 Impala SS that was redone will be featured. This car was featured in Hot Rod Magazine.
4) Update on different venues for club meetings was given. Coulee Golf Bowl was contacted and was very receptive to us having our meetings there. There is no charge for the room. Grizzly’s Grill was also contacted. There is a significant fee for a room so they were eliminated. Club members are encouraged to continue to contemplate other sites.
5) Car show on July 13th is organized. Meeting on June 20th went well and was attended by Don Brenengen and Britten and Abby from the Boys and Girls Club. Thanks to Chuck and Sharon Zimmer for hosting the meeting. Pick up for tables and chairs is on Friday, July 12th at the La Crosse north side Boys and Girls Club at 10:00. An email will be sent out. Volunteer slots have been filled. Volunteers should arrive at 8:00 at Brenengens on Saturday. Big Boar will provide food service. Mike Meyer’s Z1 vette will be on display.

New Business:
No New Business Thanks to Deb and Mike for hosting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:14.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Swingle,
RCC Secretary

July Birthdays
Judy Mosley 7/21
Keith Woyicki 7/25

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John Gesslein

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