President’s Message

Hello Fellow RCC Members,

The first weekend in May was a beauty with warm temperatures, sunshine and a slight breeze. I hope all of you have your Corvette out for a nice ride.

Members had a fun meeting last weekend at the Conrad’s in Homer MN. Their house had a great view of the Mississippi and you could see how high the water level is.

Our next meeting will be back a Schmidtys but June and August will be at members’ homes.

Please keep an eye on the RCC schedule so that you can participate in as many member events as possible.

Ron Callender
RCC President

May 2019 Newsletter - April Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Chris & Joyce Barlow, Chuck &Carol Nelson-Britten, Ron & Ramona Callender, Bill & LeAnn Conrad, Jon Cox, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, Tom Jerisha, Kris Kinder, Jim & Judy Rowley, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Tom Stowers, Mark & Mary Swingle, Chuck & Sharon Zimmer.

Meeting called to order at 6:28 by Ron Callender.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from March 31st, 2019 were presented. No amendments made.

Treasurer’s Report: : Kris Kinder reported balance along with deposits & withdrawals.

Governor’s Report: Charlie Britten gave an overview of the Rally planned for June 8th. Starting location is in parking lot located next to Brenengen’s Chevrolet in West Salem. Rally check in is at 10:30. In order to be scored you must drive a corvette. Club member’s fee is $20.

Webmaster’s Report: No report.

Event Chairperson:
1) Very successful Ride & Dine hosted by Chuck & Sharon Zimmer on April 13th. Lunch was at Norwegian Hollow. Nine cars with 15 people attended. One corvette was driven.
2) Ladies Supper was held on April 25th at Love Child located in La Crosse. It was very enjoyable and 8 ladies attended.
3) Ladies Luncheon will be held on May 10th at The Cotter Pin located in Leon on WI 27 near Sparta. We will carpool for this event leaving from the Valley View Mall Sears north side parking lot at 11:45. Ladies coming in from other locations can meet us there if preferred. Lunch will be set for 12:30.
4) Dave & Kathy Fontanini will be holding their Ride n’ Dine on Saturday, May 11th. We will be meeting at Woodman’s and leaving at 3:00. The direction is southeast and it is a 90 minute drive.
5) Open Ride n’ Dine dates are left for June and October. One of these will be a joint ride with the Chippewa Valley and it usually held in the fall.
6) Tech Talk date held at Brenengens will be set at May club meeting. Topics can be presented along with open questions.
7) Next club meeting will be held at Schmidty’s on May 19th. Mike & Deb Meyer will be hosting June’s club meeting located on W1208 Sunset Point Ct. Stoddard, WI..
8) June Dairy Days parade is on June 1st in West Salem. Club members may choose to drive their Corvettes in the parade.

Old Business:
1) The Ride n’ Dine Reimbursement program was scratched.
2) Ron Callender met with Don Brenengen to discuss the July Car Show. They also discussed the corvette discount and Don will make sure all member’s names and addresses are on the list.
3) Membership Packet was discussed. Ron Callendar will write a presidents welcome letter. An activities list will be included and brief descriptions of them can be submitted by involved members.

New Business:
1) Car show volunteers will be needed and a sign up list will be submitted. Date of the show is July 13th. Five canopy tents will be needed. The club has two. A June information meeting will be set.

Adjournment:Meeting was adjourned at 7:07. Dennis Schaper motioned and Tom Stowers seconded.

Next meeting is at Schmidty’s.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Swingle,
RCC Secretary

May Birthdays
Kathy Meyer 5/26

Governor’s Report - May 2019

We are a bit more than a month away from our annual rally. Its hard to believe that it keeps trying to snow as the flowers are growing and the leaves are forming on the trees. I can ALMOST Guarantee that it won’t snow at the June Rally. This year we are departing from our Sponsor, Brenengen Chevrolet in West Salem, WI. We are planning on a beautiful ride through the hilly countryside. It won’t be too easy but it wouldn’t be any fun if it was too easy. June 8th will be sunny and pleasant high of 80 degrees. Drop the top and go for a ride. Hope to see you there.

Charlie Britten
RCC Governor

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