President’s Message

May is just about done and it was a very strange weather patteron with lots of rain, cold nights in early May and some blistering heat wave in the last 2 weeks. Let’s hope we have better weather going forward.

Earlier this week a number of us worked on the “Brenengen’s/ RCC car show”(July 14th.) We will need all hands on deck to make everything go smoothly. Don Brenengen and Britton Slowey both attended and Don talked about the new building for the West Salem Boy’s & Girl’s club. This seems to be an all city movement and they currently have $2.1M. They are looking at a goal of $3M.

Sharon and I will be out of town from June 2nd – 21st visiting our daughter in Florida, Keep your cars on the road and let’s have some fun now that the weather is getting better.

Chuck Zimmer
RCC President

June 2018 Newsletter - May Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Charlie & Carol Britten, Ron & Ramona Callender, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, Tom Jerisha, Kris Kinder, Jim & Judy Rowley, Mark & Mary Swingle, Claude & Judy Mosley and Chuck Zimmer.

Meeting called to order at 6:26 PM by President Chuck Zimmer.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from the April 22, 2018 meeting were presented with no corrections noted.

Treasurer’s Report: Kris K. reviewed the current account balances.

Governor’s Report:Charlie B reported on the RCC Rally on June 9th may have low attendance do to “Graduation and Wedding Season.” This has been a problem with this date in the past. Rally regristation is $40 for non RCC members and $20 for RCC members. It will start at Schmidty’s at 10:30 AM.

Webmaster’s Report: No report.

Event Chairperson:
1) May 29th - Car Show organization meeting at Chuck Z home at 6:00 PM.
2) June 2nd - June Dairy Days Parade in West Salem 11:30 AM.
3) June 8th - Ladies Luncheon at David Rays at 12:30 PM RSVP by Wednesday June 6th to Mary S.
4) June 9th - RCC Rally 10:30 AM at Schmidty’s.
5) June 24th – RCC Meeting at Dennis & Cyndy Schaper’s home.
6) July 10th – Rudy Drive In Car Show 5:30 PM.
7) July 14th – RCC Car Show at Brenengen’s in West Salem.
8) July 18th – 21st – Black Hills Corvette trip to Sioux Falls, SD hosted by Mark S. and Charlie B.
9) July 22 – RCC Meeting at Chuck & Sharon Zimmer’s home.
10) August 26 – RCC Meeting at Ron & Ramona Callender’s home.
11) Sept 23 – RCC Meeting at Bill & LeAnn Conard’s home.

Old Business:
1) Ladies Luncheon at Jenny’s in Sparta had 4 RCC members participate.
2) Brenengen Tech Talk was held in West Salem on May 16th with 9 members attending.
3) May Ride & Dine was cancelled because Dave & Kathy had car trouble. It will be rescheduled.
4) Ride & Dine Hosts are still needed for August and September. Dennis & Cyndy will host June.
5) RCC Car Show
  a. Organizational meeting at Chuck’s on May 29th at 6:00 PM. Hamburgers, hotdogs and drinks will be served.
  b. Britton Slowey will attend this meeting.
  c. Mark S passed around a signup sheet for car show day workers.
6) Brenengen’s Tech Talk.
  a. Bob’s trip to the Nevada racing track.
  b. C7 - issues tires, recalls & maintenance.
  c. Operations – How to program features.
7) Received Thank You letters from each of the Oktoberfest Car Show Charities we donated to:
  a. Freedom Flights; WAFER; Boys & Girls Clubs of La Crosse County; Big Brothers / Big Sisters.

New Business:
11) Red Rose was given to Dennis & Cyndy S. because of the lost on Dennis’s Mother.
2) June Dairy Day’s Parade on June 2nd. Meet at 11:30 AM. Dave F will provide meeting location. We need at least 4 car. Hopefully some of our newer members can participate.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:55 PM.

Next Meeting June 24th at Dennis & Cyndy Schaper’s home.

Respectfully submitted,
Ron Callender,
RCC Secretary

June Birthdays
Dennis Schaper 6/2
Mary Swingle 6/5
Tom Stowers 6/11
Larry Basegio 6/15
Phil Murray 6/28

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