President’s Message

Hello Fellow RCC Members,

WOW July was a busy month. The annual Car Show at Brenengen’s in West Salem was a great success. We had over seventy show cars of all makes and models. The weather was beautiful and many spectators show up to see the vehicles and eat the Big Boar catered food.

The Rudy’s Curse Night hosted by us was rained out two times in a row. We are not going to reschedule this event this year.

Chevrolet has finally unveiled the new mid-engine C8 corvette. If you have not seen it yet go to the internet and search for it. The unveiling show is worth watching!

For this year’s Tech Talk Dennis S and I have been working to schedule Barry Bloomquist’s 1963 Impala SS show car to view. Because the car has been out of town touring we will not be able to schedule it this year. I asked Don Brenengen when he will have a new C8 in stock hoping we could use it for the Tech Talk. But he is not anticipating any to arrive until after the first of the year. So if anyone has a topic suggestion, please let me know.

If you have been having any trouble getting into the member’s side of the RCC webpage it is because the company hosting the site is going out of business. John G has been working hard to identify and move over everything to out new host. So bear please with us during the transition.

This month the monthly meeting is be at my house, 812 14th Ave North in Onalaska. The theme is Summer Picnic. Ramona and I will be providing BBQs and brats. So bring your favorite picnic food and beverages.

Ron Callender
RCC President

August 2019 Newsletter - July Meeting Notes

General Meeting: Attendance: Larry & Elaine Basegio, Chuck Britten & Carol Nelson-Britten, Ron & Ramona Callender, Jon Cox, Dave & Kathy Fontanini, John & Susan Gesslein, Tom Jerisha, Kris Kinder, Peter & Emily Klug, Dennis & Cyndy Schaper, Tom Stowers, Mark & Mary Swingle, Chuck & Sharon Zimmer.

Meeting called to order at 6:16 by Ron Callender.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes were presented from June 23rd, 2019. No amendments were made.

Treasurer’s Report: Kris Kinder reported balance. Rally deposit was made. Us Post Office Rental was paid.

Governor’s Report: : No report.

Webmaster’s Report: There have been problems with our current website due to our web hosting provider. Solutions will be presented under new business.

Event Chairperson:
1) Augusts Ride n’ Dine is being hosted by the Conrads. The date is Sunday, August 11th. Participants are to meet at 11:30 at the Wayside Rest Area, exit 276 off of interstate I-90.
2) Ladies Luncheon will be held on Thursday, August 15th. We are meeting at Senor Villas in Onalaska at 11:30.
3) Chevy Corvettes Car Show is being held on Saturday, August 10th from 10:00-2:00 at Keyes Chevrolet in Menomonie, WI. This show is corvettes only.

Old Business:
1) Ladies Luncheon was well attended. We had eleven ladies join us at the Red Pines restaurant on Brice Prairie. It was decided that we would change the day and time of our monthly luncheon to Thursdays at 11:30. This day seems easier for most and the time helps us beat the noon rush. It will either be the second or third Thursday of the month.
2) Our clubs Rudy’s Cruise Night had to be cancelled two Tuesdays in a row due to weather. It was decided by Rudy that we will just plan on next year. Trophies have been saved and will be replated.
3) It has been very difficult to coordinate a time that the restore car the club wanted to book for Tech Talk with an evening at Brenengens. It has been very popular and has been heavily booked. Brenengens needs 3 week’s notice to host this event. It was discussed that another topic could be about the new C8 coming out this year. Ron will continue to try to organize this.
4) There was a great turnout for this year’s car show at Brenengens Chevrolet in West Salem. Registered cars totaled 81. This brought in a total of $405.00. Along with the club’s cars and a number of unregistered cars this brought us to a total of over 100 vehicles. Thanks to Legendary Customs and Michaels Trucks total donations of $500.00, moneys raised with pop and water sales, and the 50/50, the Boys and Girls club of West Salem came away with well over $1,000.00. Thanks to all who came, helped and made this such a successful event.

New Business:
1) Next year’s car show was discussed. July eleventh, 2020 was listed as a tentative date. Changes to be implemented are having registration from only 9:00 – 12:00. Also an earlier time of 1:30 was suggested for trophy presentation. Flyer suggestions made were taking off any personal phone numbers for contact. Only email will be listed. It was also discussed that we put a picture of a classic car other than a corvette on the flyer to emphasize that all classical and custom cars are welcome. Adding two more trophies was also suggested. They would be a Corvette Club Ladies Choice, and a Boy and Girls Club Trophy. Purchase of Car Show vertical flags that could be put along the highway boulevard was also suggested.
2) John Gesslein, our clubs webmaster, explained that his internet mail server is being blocked by the current web hosting provider and canot be contacted due their eventual company shutdown. John has been in contact with Joan Thomas a Midwest region corvette representative and she has suggested GoDaddy as a server. John is now in the process of trying to get in contact with the former server company to get an authorization code so he can transfer our website to GoDaddy. This has proved difficult. He will continue to work on this process. John also suggested that River City Corvette go with a secured website. This will cost about $100 more a year but he feels that it is well worth it. Club members agreed. John also requested that this payment come off of his card and go on a RCC club debit card from State Bank to make this payment. Kris Kinder, our treasurer will work on this.
3) Chuck Britten suggested that we might get more club participation at our rally if the highest scoring club member receives a restaurant gift certificate.
4) Rotary Lights registration is coming up in September. Do members want to continue to do this event? It was explained what it entails, which is marching in a parade on the Friday after Thanksgiving and picking up litter. There has been no car participation in the last two years. We have had only a banner. Another concern is do we have enough people to participate in this event? We will discuss this further at our August meeting.
5) Next month’s meeting will be at Ron and Ramona Callenders on Sunday, August 25th. It is a potluck with a picnic theme. Please email Callenders with what you will bring to pass.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Swingle,
RCC Secretary

August Birthdays
Ron Callender 8/17

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