President’s Message
Hello Fellow RCC Members,

I put my Corvette in storage for the winter last Friday. Good timing based on the first snowfall arrived Nov 6. So it is time to say good bye to summer and think about next years’ driving season.

The RCC end of year party will be Saturday Nov 16th at Pogreba. They are located at 1232 Avon St which is the corner of Avon and Clinton St. I hope to see all of you there.

Have you thought about being RCC’s Webmaster? I hope so we will need someone starting January. If you have questions contact John G or myself.

Stay warm, drive carefully and dream of driving your Corvette in 2020.

Ron Callender
RCC President

November 2019 Newsletter – October Meeting Notes
General Meeting: Attendance: Kris & Joyce Barlow, Chuck Britten & Carol Nelson- Britten, Ron & Ramona Callender , Bill Conrad, Jon Cox, Kent & Shirley Flicki, Dave Fontanini, John & Susan Gesslein, Tom Jerisha, Jerry Jiracek, Kris Kinder, Peter & Emily Klug, Mike & Deb Myer, Phil Murray, Jim & Judy Rowley, Dennis Schaper, Tom Stowers, Mark & Mary Swingle, Chuck & Sharon Zimmer. The Flicki’s were new introduced members.
Meeting called to order at 6:07 by Ron Callender.

Secretary’s Report: August and Septembers minutes were presented. No amendments were made.

Treasurer’s Report: Bank fee and memorium withdrawal to the Boys & Girls Club in Sparta were the only withdrawals made.

Governor’s Report:  Collection of club dues is in process. Club members will contact those with dues still outstanding.

Webmaster’s Report: John Gesslein will be stepping down as the club’s webmaster. He will complete the last 2019 monthly newsletter report. The new webmaster is welcome to work on the site with Go Daddy.

Event Chairperson:
1) The joint Ride n’ Dine with the Chippewa Valley Club was held on Sept. 29th. Six cars from River City Corvettes attended. There was a brunch at Cedar Valley and then a ride to the Arcadia Memorial Park.
2) The River City Corvettes Ride n’ Dine was hosted by Tom Jerisha on October 12. Nine cars participated and 15 members. Lunch was held at Badger Crossing Restaurant.
3) This year’s Holiday Party will be held at Pogreba’s Restaurant located at 1232 Avon Street in La Crosse. Cocktails are at 5:00 and dinner is at 6:00. You may bring a gift to exchange if you so desire but it is not required.
4) This year the RCC club will participate in the Rotary Lights Parade. The date of the parade is the Friday after Thanksgiving on November 29th. A sign-up sheet was sent around for club members who wish to participate. We meet in the parking lot behind Wells Fargo between 4:15 and 4:30. March in the parade and then go out for dinner. Further details will be provided to those who are interested. A RCC tree will also be decorated and on display in Riverside Park.

Old Business:
1) At a previous meeting the idea of a members only rally gift certificate was presented. This proposal was tabled for a later date.
2) A reminder was given that this will be the last year that Mary Swingle will be doing Rotary Lights.
3) A Go Pro camera for RCC Ride ‘n Dines was purchased by Tom Jerisha. Tom will be reimbursed for the cost.
4) The issue of an additional $80 cost for a secured website on Go Daddy was discussed. People do feel more comfortable if a website is secured. It also protects membership’s information such as phone numbers and addresses. Susan Gesslein made a motion that we purchase a secured website. Bill Conrad seconded the motion and the motion passed. The website will be able to be paid for with the RCC checking account. This will make things easier for the club’s new webmaster.

New Business:
1) Next year the RCC club will changing its meetings to a new venue. Starting in February 2020 we will be meeting at Coulee Golf and Bowl located at 100 Green Coulee Rd. in Onalaska. The issue of whether or not we should RSVP meeting attendance was discussed. Ron Callender will speak to the restaurant about this.
2) Election of officers for River City Corvettes 2020 was introduced. Nominations listed:
President- Ron Callender
Vice President- Bill Conrad
Governor- Charles Britten
Secretary- Mary Swingle
Treasurer- Kris Kinder
Activities- Kathy and Dave Fontanini
Webmaster- to be determined

Tom Stowers made the motion to accept this list of candidates for the year 2020. Susan Gesslein seconded the motion. The list of candidates was accepted and motion passed.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:55.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Swingle,
RCC Secretary —>