Webmaster’s Notes-January 2024

    It has been a long battle, but we finally have a website that is informative and up to date with the latest greatest information.

    As you tour the website you will see some major changes have been made in the way the website flows.  The Home page should make it easier to find what you’re looking for and give visitors a starting point of what the club does and has to offer the community.  You will also find the website now shows significant events that are upcoming along with an up-to-date calendar.  The home page now also offers a page with the 2024 Midwest Region Schedule of Events.  If you are interested in any of the events let me know and I can provide more information.

    I hope you find the website informative, and it has you coming back for the pictures and valuable information it provides.  The Information page also provides links to the clubs Facebook pages.  Which are worth checking out. This website is a work in progress if you get error messages or something isn’t working let me know thru the information page.  https://rivercitycorvettes.com/club-info/ 

Thank You

President's Address - Spring 2022

I have decided to its past due time to put out a President’s Address.

Finally it seems that Winter has broke and now we have had our weekend of Spring (this last weekend) and this week we jump straight to summer. We took our first Corvette ride this weekend which let me know how bad some of the streets in La Crosse are- but that is another story.

We have some fun stuff going on this season. The next event is the Celebration of life for Rocky at Classic Garage in Eau Claire. The Schaper’s hosting a Game Night/Meeting for the May Meeting, Ride N Dines, Catfish Days Parade, Stibbe Trip, Meyer’s August Meeting Pot Luck. We are always looking for more ideas ( please let Mark and Mary Swingle know) but again you are part of this club and we need you to not only show up we need you to sign up..

So time for some Tech Talk, and I am not going into details on the 71 which is starting to look like a car and it is so far looking better than I ever dreamed when I started. No, not only did we have member with a Key Fob battery failure on the first Ride N Dine of the year but I could not get into my car with my primary key. I pulled my car cover off last weekend and started getting the car ready for the season. When it was time to open the door I couldn’t and the alarm went off! I had to pull the metal key out of the fob and use it to open the rear hatch and use the cable to open the door to turn it off…..I start it with the key a few months ago with no issue. So even though Key Fob Batteries on the C6/C7 are supposed to last 3 years my Key Fob Battery only lasted 2? So I would recommend for the cost of a 2032 watch battery it is worth replacing them every 2 years so you don’t have any issues.

The other Tech tip I would like to recommend is that our 2015 and newer members know they have very reliable cars. But if something unforeseen happens and you need a Tow it is difficult to tow or winch late model Corvettes onto a truck. I purchased an iron tow ring that screws right into the threaded bung behind front grille and in a worse case scenario pop out the plug in the rear bumper and screw in the tow receptacle.

With that said.

Let’s get out and Drive!

Charlie Britten


President’s Message

Oh my god how did this happen? Springtime in God’s Country. Seems like yesterday I was scraping the windshield of the Colorado so I could go to work. Now everything has greened up, the birds are singing. That can only mean one thing. Time to detail the Corvette.

I have been giving my steed some much deserved TLC all week. First is good bath was in order. Then I did my annual ritual of taking Di-Electric grease to all the weatherstripping, Vaseline works as well I heard. Then leather conditioner rubbed gently into the seats and wheel and dash. Vacuum and scrub the floors and mats. Discovered that White Vinegar and water makes an excellent and cheap cleaner.
Did the windows, then on to the wheels. I scrubbed the grim off and gave them a good waxing. I then got out the Mr. Color Chip and touched up the rock chips from last season of use. Now it’s time to wax. Well, you know that you use a cleaner wax (make sure you always use long stroke in the same direction as the wind goes over your car to avoid swirl marks-Thanks Tom Stibbe). Then you use a quality cover wax like Adams and do it again. Yes, it’s time to get reacquainted with your pride and joy after an eternity in storage.

Don’t forget to do the obvious mechanical checks of fluids and tire pressures.

Now, contact fellow members and let’s have some spontaneous rides. Those are the best. Don’t forget we have other rides planned and for our 50th anniversary the ride to the Black Hills Classic will be an epic Road Trip. We can’t make it so please take lots of pics.

I can’t forget to mention we had to bury one of our dear long-time members and former President and Activities Director. Dave Fontanini was a wonderful person and we will all miss him. But if not for the club I wouldn’t know a lot of good people who have improved my life. I am grateful to this group.

Now we have seen a sea change. The Mid-Engine Corvette has brought lots of renewed interest in the Corvette. I hope to meet more of these folks and encourage them to join the club. It really is an embrace of a new generation of Corvette Enthusiasts. We are fortunate that Corvette is such a dynamic Marque. It is an opportunity to learn new things and teach new Enthusiasts about the History of the
Corvette and why it matters.

Let’s enjoy our 50th anniversary and get some apparel from Tom Stibbe to mark the occasion.
But most importantly- Let’s go for a ride……

Charlie Britten
President-River City Corvettes